I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

By , August 31, 2011 8:34 am

by Stina McClintock

While watching the American Event of the Century (aka Kim Kardashian’s wedding on E!) over the weekend, I saw an ad for MyLife.com and decided to do some investigating.  After about an hour of exploring the landscape of MyLife.com, I was reminded just how powerful the Internet is in tracking down individuals.  And maybe this isn’t always a good thing.

One of the questions that people ask in the Skiptracing class that we teach here in the library is, “How can I make it so people can’t find me?”  With hundreds of people search databases, removing your name and personal data from the Internet is a tedious task.  Thankfully, there are companies out there that can help.  One company named Reputation Defender (RD) has been doing the business that many frustrated people are trying to accomplish: remove personal information from the Internet with automated process and continuously monitor personal information on a daily basis.

At RD’s “My Privacy” service, you search for your personal information over thousands of websites, thus allowing you to select what information you want to delete.  The service tool will automatically submit your removal requests to search data sources and will track and monitor your online information proactively each day. Most importantly, according to the website, their company has exclusive removal agreements with some major background check and people search companies.  While use of their product costs money, it eliminates the headache of calling each website host directly to remove your name.

There are multiple services out there that help you to protect your name online and this is not intended to be an endorsement of RD.  Merely it is just a reminder that if you are serious about protecting your identity and personal security, you should take actions to block your personal information from public viewing. That is unless you are like Kim Kardashian and want the whole world to know what you ate for breakfast.

One Response to “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me”

  1. Rita Kaiser says:

    So Skiptracing is still a popular class? I remember that when I taught it people always were scared by the amount of information that is available via the Internet. So at least Kim Kardashian is the best looking of her family – but between her and “Snooky” I am appalled that I even know who they are.

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