Continuing Education

By , January 3, 2011 12:25 pm

by Erin Hoffrance

I came across this blog post, “What I want LIS students to know,” and I thought: not only is this valuable for current, future, and recent LIS students, it is a great reminder for those experienced information professionals as well. The author of the post, Jill Hurst-Wahl is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, a 2011-2013 candidate for the SLA Board of Directors, and a digitization consultant and owner of Hurst Associates, Ltd.

Some highlights of Jill’s tips are:

  • “Every information professional you meet during your graduate program is a person who can connect you to a job.”

And while many of us are not necessarily looking for jobs, I would say that every information professional you meet is a great connection to have, whether it be to share resources, approach tips, product reviews, etc. LLOPS provides an environment where we can share these things and everyone benefits

  • “Ingest more content about the profession.”  

Continuing education is vital to providing the best resources to our users.  We need to stay on top of new technologies as well as what is happening at other libraries and information centers.  She also lists a number of magazines, podcasts, and blogs that are worth checking out.

  • “Your view of your future depends on where you are sitting.”   

Jill explains, “Where are you sitting?  By yourself? In a group? With movers-n-shakers? With those that are fearful of the future? With those that are innovative and entrepreneurial? Are you in a vehicle that is moving forward, staled, or headed in reverse?  Think about those questions and, if necessary, switch your seat!”  This is definitely my favorite tip. Where do you want to go with your organization? Change can be seen as opportunity, and there are also times when change is decided for us. So why not be ahead of the game? It is easy to get complacent, so it helps to be around people who are challenging what defines us as a profession and pushing the envelope.  Let’s not fear the future, but move with it, or *gasp* ahead of it!

Check out Jill Hurst-Wahl’s blog for more tips.

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