Talk Talk

By , November 24, 2010 5:00 pm

by Karen Helde

This blog post made me think about the way we talk to each other. Many of us who have been around a while think of the LLOPS email list as our primary form of group communication. It’s quick to create a message (if I’m at work, it’s a given that email is open on my desktop), and we can expect our intended audience to receive it almost immediately. Responses are similarly easy to create and can be sent to the list or to the individual as appropriate. Apart from sign-up and postpone procedures which seem stuck in the technological dark ages, what are the the downsides of email lists? First, some lists and list archives are public and a query or announcement may require a little more discretion. Second, we’re all deluged with email, and it’s easy for one message to get lost in the shuffle. Third, list archives are generally not too user-friendly; we’re mostly dependent on our own personal email filing systems for storing information we want to keep.

The past few years have brought us communication alternatives, but for me at least, they haven’t quite filled the niche occupied by the email list. This blog has been a great success, but so far it’s only a few of us talking and a few more responding. LLOPS is on LinkedIn and Facebook, but I don’t think enough of us spend enough time in those virtual spaces for them to replace our email list. I’ve seen a preview of the new LLOPS website and believe it will offer our group some more communication options, but I’m not sure it will really become a conversation hub.

What do you think about forums for communication among LLOPS members? Let’s talk.

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