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By , August 11, 2010 6:57 pm

by Sue Mecklem

I love blogs! I like the simplicity of short entries and the ability to receive information on a variety of subjects without committing to reading long articles, and adding to my information inundation. I use an RSS reader to subscribe to my favorite 25 blogs and can quickly decide what looks relevant or interesting. I’m sharing three law librarian blogs I find really useful, and three blogs for fun. I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

Blogs for Work:

The ZRG Blog

I’ve used Zimmerman’s Research Guide at least a few times a month since I started working as a law librarian, so I was pleased to see that Andrew Zimmerman has started a blog where he discusses updates to the ZRG and provides interesting links to websites. In a recent blog post, he provided a link to the Atlas of County Boundaries, which explains the history of changes to counties in the US in every state.KCLL Klues: Washington State Legal Research

The King County Law Library staff has an interesting blog with a good balance of practical information and obscure but very interesting historical information. I like that they create podcasts for many of their posts; as a highly visual/text-oriented person, as I suspect many librarians are, I prefer written blog posts but there are many auditory learners who will retain the information better by hearing it. The topics range from the history of the most recent executions in Washington State to a notice of archived RCWs online back to 2002.

Oregon Legal Research

Laura Orr, law librarian at Washington County, Oregon, writes the OLR blog. She covers Oregon specific topics, including how to assist pro se patrons without committing the unauthorized practice of law; how to find Oregon briefs (one of my favorite entries!); and more general information on federal legal and administrative topics. It’s nicely organized by tags – as a librarian, she knows how to tag her entries consistently so they are actually findable again.

Blogs for Fun

My after work interests include cooking, eating, traveling, and drinking wine, so I subscribe to numerous blogs about these topics.

Pacific Northwest Cheese Project

This great blog is written by Tami Parr and covers everything cheesy in the Pacific Northwest. She calls herself a “cheese nerd” and has a great collection of information on her blog showing where to buy cheeses in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and B.C., and a calendar with upcoming cheese events. Her blog entries are broad-ranging and entertaining.

Europe Up Close

This blog’s great photographs and descriptive travel stories are great fun for daydreaming about vacations and retirement. The articles are written by a group of authors who travel for different reasons across Europe. There is practical advice on packing, guides to European countries, and travel news and deal alerts. Terri Fogarty is a retired travel agent who loves to share travel information with others and has a knack for finding interesting little places to eat or stay in.

Art Blog By Bob

My knowledge of art is woefully inadequate, but Bob Duggan’s blog helps me learn a little bit at a time about artists I am not familiar with. He provides images and links about specific art he likes, focused mostly on the classics. Many of his posts include a link to another blog he contributes to, BigThink, with more detailed blog entries. I find his blog entertaining and instructional.

3 Responses to “Blogs for Work and Fun”

  1. klloyd says:

    My favorites are 3 Geeks and a Law Blog ( for legal stuff and The Sartorialist ( for fun–I love the fashion on that site!

  2. Carly says:

    For fun I like the Seattle gardening blog Greenwalks (

  3. Sue Mecklem says:

    Oh, 3 Geeks and a Blog is lots of fun! I’ll check out the Sartorialist and the gardening blog.


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