LLOPS Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2/4/2010

By , July 1, 2010 12:51 pm

Attendees: Mort Brinchmann, Tina Ching, Robyn Hagle, Rita Kaiser, and Christy Leith.
Perkins Coie, Seattle WA
The meeting was called to order at 12:00pm by President Hagle.

  1. Government Relations Position Paper
    The papers on net neutrality were passed down to the current co-chairs of the Government Relations committee. SNELLA considered adopting versions of these papers. Before the papers can be submitted for adoption, the papers will need to be rewritten for LLOPS. This project will require additional members on the government relations committee. The Board agreed to table the issue until the committee determined the papers a priority.
  2. Website Redevelopment – Special Committee
    President Hagle will form a special committee including the website manager, a blog committee representative, a representative from marketing committee, and an executive board representative.
  3. Ads on Blog
    The blog committee decided they did not want ads on the blog. F. Hanson will contact advertisers to see if there are alternatives to newsletter ads such as quarterly emails to membership.
  4. Blog Committee – Listserv Footer
    The blog committee requested to add footer language in listserv emails referencing the blog. They offered two options to the board.
    M/S/A to add language to the footer of listserv messages “Get LLOPSCited ! Visit our blog at http://llops.org/.”
  5. LLOPS and Social Networking
    At the Business Meeting on 1/27/2010, President Hagle presented the LLOPS Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The Facebook page is administered by E. Hoffrance. K. Pitts administers the LinkedIn page. Consistent branding has been implemented across the blog, Facebook and LinkedIn. A future committee may be formed to combine the blog and website committees.
  6. Handbook Changes – Lifetime Member
    R. Kaiser was charged with editing language to clarify the category of “Lifetime Member” in the LLOPS handbook . R.Kaiser agreed to send edited language to the Board for further discussion. Once the Board approves the language, the changes will be sent to K. Ositis to change the language on the website and the Handbook document.
  7. AALL Visitor – Catherine Lemann
    AALL President Catherine Lemann will visit LLOPS in late March. Her schedule currently includes: Tuesday 3/30 – Dinner with the Executive Board; Wednesday 3/31 – Meeting with the LLOPS Membership, social at the Columbia Tower, a tour of the King County Law Library and a tour of the U.S. Courts Library.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 12:47pm.
Respectfully submitted by Tina S. Ching, LLOPS Secretary.

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