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I Can Be Bought

By , November 10, 2010 7:15 pm

by Amy Eaton

At the last LLOPS Happy Hour, I found myself on the receiving end of a Rock Bottom t-shirt. I received this shirt because I own the Rock Bottom Mug Club card and had completed 35 visits. I initially requested the Mug Club card because you get a large beer for the price of a regular, and I am always ready to be upsized. But here I am, 6 years later, with a Mug Club hat, logo pint glass and a t-shirt. What has possessed me to continue to eat at the same restaurant regularly when there are so many fabulous places to dine downtown? I don’t even drink that much beer. Continue reading 'I Can Be Bought'»

Career Preparation on the Web

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By , August 31, 2010 10:58 am

by Philippe Cloutier

Layoffs, budget cuts, closures, and furloughs are just a few of the dismal words facing today’s libraries. As no stranger to layoffs, I’ve relied on a slew of blogs/RSS feeds and twitter accounts to stay apprised of new openings, job hunting tips, résumé and interview recommendations, and all things encompassing the search for work. Here is my basic platform for job-hunting in the electronic age.


Outside of library associations and my personal network, LibGIG has proven to be the most valuable multi-faceted career assistant. Their services are well-rounded, offering regular updates on job opportunities, news, tips, blogs, etc. Staying on top of LibGIG is made easier thanks to twitter, @libgig_jobs, and their newsletter(presented by their parent company LAC Group). While other sites provide pieces to a puzzle; LibGIG presents a complete web package of job seeking aid. Continue reading 'Career Preparation on the Web'»

A Little Resolve in the New Year

By , January 5, 2010 6:18 pm

by Kristine Lloyd

Happy New Year, LLOPS members! Are we all still nibbling cake3on the remnants of holiday goodies? The office remains a wonderful dumping ground for all those chocolate-covered cherries and fruitcakes that you want to excorcise your home of, which, of course, makes New Year’s resolutions such a challenge. Speaking of New Year’s resolve, your own LLOPSCited Blog has made a few resolutions for 2010: 

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Welcome to the LLOPSCited Blog

By , August 22, 2009 2:00 am

Welcome to the latest incarnation of LLOPSCited.  We are transforming the newsletter into a blog.  The new format allows us the flexibility to respond quickly and creatively to chapter news and to post regular newsletter features on a rolling basis.  The LLOPSCited blog will be a collaborative space to share information and stay in touch.  We hope you’ll share your news with us.  To share your news or to become a regular contributor, please contact Kristine Lloyd.

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